Meet the Board

We asked our board members to share why they serve on the board of the AAFRC, and why they are passionate about our mission.


Dorothy Braun

Finance Committee Chair

I am passionate about AAFRC because the research into early childhood outcomes backs the importance of resources in communities that provide support for families with young children. A strong foundation for children 0-5 is indicative of better outcomes in our children throughout life.


Barb Kehler

Programming Committee Co-Chair

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Lisa Eisbrenner

Treasurer & Board Member

I believe that the health and stability of our greater community correlates to the health and stability of the health of the families that make up our community. I believe that health and stability are deeply rooted in connection – to ourselves, to our families, and to others in our communities (however we define community). AAFRC plays a vital role in building and maintaining individual and community connections and strengthens families and communities simultaneously!


Carol Braun

Policy Committee Chair, Programming Committee Co-Chair

We are the only organization to provide social, emotional, physical and cognitive development programs specific for children ages 0-5. AAFRC programs are mostly parent-child and we are the only organization that provides ongoing support to families with young children.


Sarah Radmore

PR Committee Chair

I've always been passionate about early years development, and working with the AAFRC gives me the opportunity to connect with that passion. Resilient children = resilient communities, and when families succeed, we all do. 


Robyn Voth

Facility Committee Chair
Southern Health-Santé Sud Representative

The goals of AAFRC and Public Health align with one another, and we serve the same clientele. By working together in partnership, we can help families thrive, meet their goals and support eachother.


Katherine Beaudoin

Board Member

 I am passionate about families being supported and learning new things from their community, and mostly from other families sitting alongside of them. I am passionate about caregivers and their children having a place to meet others, be social, be active, and PLAY!


Erin Sawatzky

Board Member

My family benefitted directly from AAFRC programs and services when my children were young. The AAFRC provided a place for my kids to learn and play while I could connect with other parents and learn important information for my children’s (and my own) health and development.


Art Wiebe

Board Member

 I value providing healthy opportunities and resources (pro-active programming) for our young families (parents & their children) in our local communities.


Samantha Braun

Recording Secretary & Board Member

As a parent, an educator, a Board member and a community member I see how this organization adds so much value to every level and creates a connection between them.


Diana Wiebe

Board Member

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Erin Whiteway

Board Member

Southern Health-Santé Sud Representative

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Krista Curry

Board Member
Education Representative

We know that every dollar we invest in children before they reach school is worth it. When we invest in families and children we increase readiness to be at school and therefore increase the chances of reaching full potential. Children are our future!


Aimee Braun

Board Member

I have worked as an Early Childhood Educator for 13 years and I am honoured to have been able to support so many children and families over the years. After having my own child I was feeling a pull to do more work to serve the community that we live in and this is what led me to AAFRC. The work that AAFRC does to support children and families is very closely aligned with my personally philosophies as an Early Childhood Educator and I enjoy using my experience and knowledge to assist AAFRC in the important work that is done.