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Lending Library


We are so excited to offer the following items for our families to borrow.  When borrowing an item, just click on the "Borrow" button.  This will launch an email form for you to inform our coordinator of your wishes. If the email form isn't working for you, please send an email to or call Nina at 204-324-2352. The item will then be prepared for you and an email will be sent to arrange pick up.  You will be allowed to borrow the item for a period of two weeks.  When items are returned they will be sanitized and if needed replenished with supplies.  A cart will be located in the lower level of our building for items to be returned to.  Building hours are Monday - Friday (excluding holidays) from 9am - 6pm.

Family Literacy Experience Bags

Fun activities to take home that promote literacy skills, pattern and colour recognition, social emotional development, creativity and much more.


Age Range


Kaleidoscope of Colours

Family Literacy Experience Bag #1


  • Colours by Kwayaciiwin Staff - Early Reader ;  

  • Turn & Learn: Colours;  

  • My Very First Book of Colors by Eric Carle    


  • Colour Games (File Folder);

  • 20 coloured foam bear shapes/colour labels;

  • 1 File activity: Where’s my Balloon;

  • a Toy Kaleidoscope;

  • 1 set of watercolour paints, paint brush, paint smock, paper;  

  • Colour match/pattern activity cards & popsicle sticks (for you to keep!)


Age Range



Family Literacy Experience Bag #2


  • Colours by Marc Tetro;  

  • Turn & Learn: Colours;  


  • Foam Sea Creatures Activity Box;  

  • Toy Turtle;

  • Colour Game: Little Mouse, where is your house?; 

  • Sensory Bag for you to keep;

  • Star Mobile craft for you to keep (adult help required)


Age Range


Play Clay Cookies

Family Literacy Experience Bag #3


  • The Biggest Cookie in the World by Linda Hayward;  


  • 5 story sequencing cards;

  • 1 File activity including 10 laminated cookies to play Cookie Jar Rhyme activity;

  • Science/Numeracy: Making Play Dough, Play Dough recipe card;

  • Creativity: 1 Cookie sheet, 1 Rolling Pin, 1 Spatula, 4 Cookie cutter shapes;  Loose parts to play with play dough


Age Range


Snow Day

Family Literacy Experience Bag #4


  • Snow Day by Werner Zimmermann;  

  • The Snow Storm by Heather Amery and Stephen Cartwright;  

  • That’s Not My Snowman by Fiona Watt  


  • Snow Rhyme card;

  • Pattern & Colour Recognition: Mitten Match Game (10 pairs of mittens);

  • Social emotional development: Play the Build a Snowman Game and learn to take turns


Age Range


The Way I Feel

Family Literacy Experience Bag #5


  • Patch the Dog - Board Book;

  • Llama, Llama mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney;  


  • 1 File Folder Activity;  

  • Mirror;  

  • Wooden Spoon Feeling Family for dramatic play and to retell the story;

  • Feelings Memory Game;  

  • Sensory: Balloon filled with flour to use as a squeeze ball for you to keep;

  • Faces colouring sheet and popsicle sticks to make your own feeling puppets for you to keep


Age Range


Bed Time Routines

Family Literacy Experience Bag #6


  • Five Little Monkeys Reading in Bed by Eileen Christelow;  

  • Llama, Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney;  


Monkey Activities:

  • Monkey Memory Game,

  • Monkey Stick Puppets,

  • Monkey Rhyme,

  • Monkey Maze - for you to keep,

  • Door Hangers - for you to keep,

  • Pajama Matching Game  

  • Crayons, scissors, 5 popsicle sticks, tape to create your own monkey puppets

  • What’s your bed time routine? Template for you to keep  

  • Make a dream catcher (paper plate lacing) for you to keep


Age Range


Spring & Easter

Family Literacy Experience Bag #7


  • Easter Mice by Bethany Roberts;

  • Chirpy Chick Board book;  Eggs and Chicks - Usborne Beginners and a Rhyme Card.  


  • Egg Counting Activity (Egg carton with 12 plastic eggs and 2 dice) & Instruction Card;  

  • Felt Bunny matching/memory game;  

  • Bunny Foam Puzzle;  

  • Crayons & Colouring sheets.  

  • Pattern activity: Pattern cards and clothespin bunnies


Age Range


Caterpillars and Butterflies

Family Literacy Experience Bag #8


  • The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle;

  • National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly;

  • 2 Rhyme sheets.  


  • Clank Can with 20 lids;

  • 1 wooden butterfly puzzle;

  • 5 Foam Butterflies to be used with the ‘Butterfly, Butterfly, Fly, Fly Away’ Poem;

  • Markers, spray bottle for water, coffee filter – to make your own butterfly;

  • Symmetry activity cards (Butterflies) and loose parts for symmetrical pattern making (info sheet);

  • Build a Butterfly game (Butterfly pieces for four players, die);

  • Complete the Lifecycle of a Butterfly;

  • 4 Sequencing cards 


Age Range



Family Literacy Experience Bag #9


  • Frog on a Log by Phil Roxbee Cox & Stephen Cartwright;

  • Scholastic Reader: From Tadpole to Frog; Hungry Harry by Joanne Partis


  • 6 Sequencing cards - Frog eggs to Frog;

  • Frog lacing activity card;

  • Game: Jumping Frogs (12 plastic frogs);

  • Frog puppet to act out stories;

  • File folder: Five Green and Speckled Frogs (5 frogs on a log) & Rhyme sheet;

  • Frog colouring sheet;

  • 5 Toy Frogs and 5 wood slices to play with and match numbers;

  • Word Game - 8 stones (log, bog, jog, dog, fog, hog);

  • Webbed Feet Science Experiment 

Little Learner Binders

Each binder contains page of activities for your preschooler.  We suggest that you go through the binder with your preschooler the first time, then encourage them to do their favourite pages on their own as many times as they wish.  The pages in teh binder are removable and there is no particular order that the pages need to be completed.    


Age Range


Winter Learning Pack

Little Learner Binder #1

This Winter themed printable pack is designed for toddlers and preschoolers to develop early learning skills such as alphabet and number recognition, counting, letter sounds, letter cases, size, shapes, colors, patterns, visual discrimination, prewriting, scissor skills, puzzles and more!


Age Range


Dinosaur Fun

Little Learner Binder #2

Dinosaurs are so much fun! With this pack your preschoolers can have tons of fun building their skills.

This preschool pack is full of learning activities such as counting to 10, shapes, colors, letters, and so much more!


Age Range


Valentine's Day Activity Pack

Little Learner Binder #3

This Valentine's Day learning pack is designed for toddlers and preschoolers to practice early learning skills such as alphabet and number recognition, counting, letter sounds, letter cases, size, shapes, patterns, visual discrimination, prewriting, scissor skills, puzzles and more!


Age Range


Barnyard Animal Fun

Little Learner Binder #4

It's time to get down on the farm and practice some preschool basic skills!


With this preschool pack your child will explore numbers, letters, and shapes with a group of brightly colored friendly farm animals. 


Age Range


Calm Down Binder

Little Learner Binder #5

Help children who are struggling to calm down with this Calm Down binder. Activities included in this binder are:

  • How are you feeling?: They can use the images to identify how they are feeling

  • Blow out the Candles: Children pretend to blow out each candle one at a time

  • Pop the bubbles: Children pretend to pop each of the bubbles

  • Bunny Trail: Children Trace the trail from the bunny to the carrot

  • Smell the flowers: Take a deep breath to smell the flowers

  • Finger exercises: Make your fingers into ball, and press your fingers against the paper  

  • Snowflake Tracing: Trace the path of the snowflake from the top of the page to the bottom  

  • Lily pad Hop: Using their finger children hop to each pad from the top of the page to the bottom  

  • Yoga: Children can practice the yoga positions on the page  

  • Counting Stars: Children count each of the stars

It also includes a "When I feel.." poster with suggestions on how to handle the big emotions of being angry, sad, and scared.


Age Range


Earth Day & Recycling

Little Learner Binder #6

  • Earth Shapes Clip Cards;

  • Recycle Bin Color Match;

  • Count and Clip Cards 

Earth Day Activity pack includes the following activities along with directions:

  • Earth Day and Recycling Puzzle;

  • Recycle Bin counting;

  • Sorting by size;

  • Recycling Roll and Sort;

  • Happy Earth & Sad Earth Sorting;

  • Recycle or Compost Sorting; 

  • Flip and Find Recycling Letter Match;

  • Earth Day & Recycling Fine Motor Activities 


Age Range



Little Learner Binder #7

Camping is such a fun summertime activity! Inside this activity pack you will find an assortment of easy to assemble activities.   Children will learn literacy skills, and math skills.  Some of the skills covered in this pack are:

  • colors,

  • shapes

  • uppercase and lowercase letter identification,

  • one to one correspondence,

  • counting,

  • ordering numbers 1-10.


Age Range


Fun in the Sun

Little Learner Binder #8

Nothing beats Summer! Sun, Ice Cream and Fun at the beach! . This activity pack includes a variety of Math, Literacy, Fine Motor, and Science activities for preschool aged children.  Inside this pack you will you will find these activities and games:  

  • Ice Cream Shape Clip Cards;

  • At the beach color matching puzzles; 

  • Shadow Match puzzles;

  • Snow cone letter match puzzles;

  • Pre-Writing/Cutting Practice;

  • Seashell uppercase and lowercase letter matching;

  • Sunray count and clip cards;

  • Ice Cream Race to the top game;

  • Seashell counting mats 1-10;

  • Ice Cream Scoop Counting mats;

  • Build an ice cream cone patterning;

  • At the beach I spy…; 

  • Seashell sorting;

  • Sorting summer fun;

  • Hot & Cold Sorting;


Age Range



Little Learner Binder #9

Pumpkin Activity Pack contains the following activities:

  • Pumpkin Shape Clip Cards;

  • Pumpkin Patch Shape Match;

  • Pre-Writing/Cutting Practice;

  • uppercase and lowercase letter matching file folder activity;

  • Pumpkin Count and Clip Cards;

  • Pumpkin Puzzles 1-10;

  • Pumpkin patch counting mats 1-10 without frames;

  • Pumpkin patch counting mats 1-10 with frames;

  • Pumpkin Seed Counting Mat 1-20;

  • Pumpkin patterning Activity;

  • Sorting pumpkins;

  • Parts of a pumpkin;

  • Pumpkin Life Cycle; 

  • Pumpkin 3-Part Cards;

  • word wall cards;

  • Pumpkin Shape Mat;

  • Number & number word pumpkin puzzles;

  • Cut & Paste a pumpkin scene;

  • Pumpkin Color Match


Age Range


Around the World

Little Learner Binder #10

Take your Preschoolers around the world with a look at cultures from across the globe with this Multicultural Activity Pack.  This pack includes the following activities:  

  • Chinese Lanterns Shape Clip Cards;

  • Food around the world sorting puzzles;

  • Greetings around the world matching game;

  • Spanish color words matching mat;

  • Instruments the world

  • Pre-Writing/Cutting Practice;

  • Papel Picado uppercase and lowercase letter matching file folder activity;

  • Money around the world Count and Clip Cards;

  • Eiffel Tower Puzzle;

  • Meatball counting mats;

  • Sorting by size;

  • World Landmarks and Flags Match Up


Age Range


My Family, Friends & Home

Little Learner Binder #11

Children love learning about their family, friends and where they live. This activity pack includes a variety of easy Math, Literacy, Fine Motor, and Science activities for preschool aged children.  This pack includes the following activities:  

  • Window shapes Clip Cards;

  • House key color matching activity;

  • Find the friends uppercase and lowercase letter matching;

  • Family Count and Clip Cards;

  • Counting mats 1-10;

  • Family photo counting mat;

  • Family Photo Patterning Activity;

  • I can help around the house sorting mat;

  • Traits of a friend sorting mat;

  • High 5 friends color mixing experiment;

  • Who has? group game;

  • In the house I can find...

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