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All Aboard the Number Train - YouTube version

Opportunities for exposing children to beginning number concepts are everywhere. From our homes to the grocery store, there are objects to count, measure, estimate and divide. Parents & caregivers can help make math fun with simple games, rhymes & stories. This FREE program will focus on some very basic math outcomes that will prepare preschoolers for Kindergarten and the concepts that follow!

While we would have LOVED to offer this program in person, this is not something we can do at this time. We do value this program and know families who have participated prior to their child entering Kindergarten have found it helpful. Six sessions will be offered via YouTube with the duration of each session being about 20 minutes. However, if you pause the video the session can be as long as you wish to complete all activities. This will allow you to work through the activities at your own pace. The supplies will be given to you prior to the release of the the first video the week of May 16. So if you have a child who will be entering Kindergarten in September 2022, all you need to do is register with us.

When you register, please indicate which school (or homeschool) your child will be attending so we can arrange where you will pick up the supply kit.

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