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Going on a Leaf Hunt

Have you noticed how the leaves on the trees are changing colour? Maybe it is a sign of the arrival of autumn! It's so beautiful, with so many colours, so many textures, and so much to learn!

This kit is full of possibilities to explore, connect and share with your child.

What we need:

  • Leaves – collected from nature and some construction paper ones are included for variety

  • Face and animal templates – email to ask for template

  • Glue

  • Wiggle Eyes and Loose parts for decoration

  • Cotton rounds, yellow sheet with circles for lion craft - can be made out of yellow construction paper

We are going on a Leaf Hunt... are you ready?

Take your child on a leaf hunt: go for a walk and see what you can find, explore nature in your back yard or around your neighbourhood and try to select leaves of various sizes, shapes and colours.

You can make the hunt more interesting by asking some questions… here are some ideas to start:

  • How many different leaves can you find? Practice your counting!

  • Why do you think some of the leaves are on the ground and some are still in the trees? Great way to start thinking critically.

  • Do the leaves feel different? Try to identify some textures such as bumpy, smooth, soft, rough and rubbery.

  • What shape do you like most? How many different colours did you find? Let’s work on colour and shape recognition!

  • What do the shapes remind you of? Children's imagination is endless, while you play with your child you are helping them develop their creativity.

Once the leaves are collected, sort them by categories, (Colors, size, texture, shape)

Now it's time to be creative with your leaves! Following are several ideas you can try.

1. For the face shape, draw a thick line of glue near the hairline of the face cut out, and have your child lay their leaves on top of the glue until they have a “hair” design they like, use the wiggle eyes and loose parts that came in today’s kit to spruce it up!

“Playing together is one of the most effective tools for

building strong relationships with your child”


2. To make a lion, draw a thick line of glue in a circle shape and have your child lay their leaves on top of the glue, to create the lion's big mane. Then, place the yellow circles and the cotton rounds as shown in this picture to create the face.

Finally, take some loose parts and give your lion some added style!

IF you are familiar with YouTube, search the following to assist in learning about leaves! There is a cute cartoon and song - “Why Do Leaves Change Color? | Original Kids Song from Treetop Family

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