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It's Rhyme Time!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Welcome, welcome everyone! Now you’re here we’ll have some fun!

One of our favourite activities during our in-person programs (and one that we miss the most!) is circle time! Singing and rhyming together with children is more than just fun, it has many lasting benefits. When you make eye contact and sing together you and your child create a special attachment bond. As well, several studies have shown that children who learn nursery rhymes at an early age, are better equipped with early reading skills.

A few tips for singing together with children: Do not worry about your singing voice. Very few people are professional singers, and your child loves hearing YOUR voice. As well, seeing adults have confidence will help your child with their own confidence. Children also find it easier to sing along with a live performance (You!) than they do with a recording.

So, what do you say? Let’s start the day, with one or two new songs! Let’s give it a go, put on a show, and rhyme together all day long!

Please send photos of you participating and/or your finished products to

DIY Song Bag

What you need: - Paper bag - Songs and rhymes! (and your voice!)

How to do it:

Decorate the paper bag using anything you chose! Crayons, markers, maybe you have a perfect sticker or would like to glue on a feather or cut-out from a magazine!

For a list of songs and rhymes, please email Or you can write out your own favourites. Cut them into individual cards and place them in the bag. Start with a few (maybe 5 or 6) and repeat them. Repeating rhymes is a way for children to practice clear pronunciation as they learn how words work and connect. After some time, replace half of the cards with new ones.

Take turns pulling a card out of the bag and sing and rhyme together! This game can be played until the bag is empty, or all day long! It’s up to you!

If you would like a copy of some of the rhymes we have sung during circle time, please email and we can email the booklet that was included in this kit.

Build a Rainbow Book

What you need: - 7 envelopes - 7 colours of the rainbow!

How to do it:

Use envelopes to build this book (any size will work, and the colour is up to you). Lick the glue on the first envelope and stick it to the bottom end of the second envelope. Lick the glue on the second envelope and stick it to the bottom end of the third envelope. Continue until you have finished all of the envelopes and have a “chain” of envelopes. Fold the envelopes accordion-style.

Chose one colour of the rainbow for each envelope pocket. You may place small, coloured items that you collect into each colour’s pocket!

You may want to write out The Rainbow Song on the cover of your Rainbow Book!

The Rainbow Song (Tune: Sailing, Sailing) Red and Orange Yellow, Green, Blue Indigo and violet too! The sun shines through the rain To colour the sky for us all!

Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again….

What you need: - Egg template - Band-aids - Construction paper How to do it:

Begin by cutting out your egg template (you can email to have a template sent to you, or you can draw your own).

Would you like to give Humpty Dumpty a face? Or maybe your egg will have a picture drawn on it. It’s up to you!

Next, using your scissors, cut all the way across your egg and make a few cracks in it so it falls apart.

Now it’s time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again!

Have your children open the Band-aids, and peel back the paper. Opening small packages like this is great work for their fine motor skills. Ask them which side of the Band-aid they would use to help put Humpty back together. The smooth side, or the sticky side?

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