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Let it Snow!

Brrr! It’s cold outside! With the cold temperatures we have been having lately, it might seem tough to get outside with little ones. I recently saw a post online that said, “Dressing preschoolers to go outside in winter, should be an Olympic sport.” Isn’t that the truth! Another truth is that young children absolutely need time outside, even in winter. This take home kit includes info on dressing for the weather, some snowy suggestions to get kids outside, as well as a some snow-themed crafty activities for those times when it’s just too cold! Please send photos of you participating and/or your finished product to ~ Nina and Lisa Let’s Go Outside! Trips outside don’t always need to have a planned activity, it can simply be a trip out to get a breath of fresh air, or a walk around the block (or down the driveway, depending on the temperature!). Many times in winter, the time spent getting ready to go out, is much longer than the time actually spent outside. But going out, even for a few moments in the cold has many benefits. Children may not want to go outside knowing they are going to be cold. Remind them that it is for a short time and coming inside will feel SO warm! And remember to have FUN! Yes, you too, adults! When children see their caregivers enjoying themselves in the outdoors, they will be more inclined to enjoy themselves too. If you have internet access, this site has great suggestions for keeping kids warm in the snow. Here is a point form of the website’s tip list:

  • Dress in layers

  • Use a good quality snow suit

  • Don’t wear jeans

  • Use thick warm socks or layer socks

  • Ski goggles

  • Try a balaclava

  • Consider hot hands or hand warmers

  • Have warm up breaks

  • Fuel up with snacks

  • Have fun!

A Few Things to do outside in WINTER!

  • Build a snow fort

  • Go sledding

  • Freeze a water balloon

  • Create a snow maze

  • Go “tracking” (look for animal tracks)

  • Visit a playground

  • Make a bird feeder

  • Blow bubbles

  • Winter scavenger hunt

  • Build a snow “kitchen”

  • Read a book

  • x’s and o’s in the snow

Silouetted snowflakes in a snowstorm What you need: - Black snowflakes - Mac tac - Tissue paper

How to do it:

To begin, peel back half of the paper from the back of the mac tac, give it a start and let your child do the rest. What do they notice about the mac tac? Is it smooth? Is it sticky? Can you see through it? Next, choose which snowflakes you would like to place? How many would you like? How are these snowflakes different from the snow outside? How are they the same? We have also included a piece of black paper for you to cut your own snowflake. Follow the “Paper Snowflake” instructions below. Once you have them placed, start to tear up (or cut with scissors) some tissue paper, and place tissue paper over the snowflakes. Try your best to cover all of the exposed mac tac. Remove the remaining paper from the mac tac and fold over to cover the tissue paper and hold it in place. Turn your sheet over to see your creation! Below is a picture version, minus the black frame.

Paper Snowflakes

What you need:

Paper (any kind! White paper, construction paper, newspaper, coffee filters, they all work!) & scissors How you do it: Follow the diagram below to fold your paper. Once you have your paper folded, snip away little pieces. We have included a few premade designs to get you started, but try making your own design!

Unfold your paper to see your own unique snowflake!

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