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Taking a Break for July & August

June is winding down and everyone is getting ready for the summer months! For those with littles in school I am sure there is lots of excitement in your house as soon the routines will be taking a break and new ones will be made as summer holidays begin. And it is the same here at the AAFRC, the office will be closed and no programs will be running for the months of July & August. Hopefully with the Summer Family Take Home kit, the last bi-weekly kit and the June Pop Up Book Bag (PUBB) you have some supplies to keep you busy over the summer.

Don't worry we have plans in place to start everything up in September! The Altona Stay & Play will start where it left off in the public health building on September 12 and continue weekly on Tuesdays. We will be giving the Gretna & Rosenfeld schools a bit of time to settle in before our programs start, take a look at our calendar for start dates.

And we have another exciting outdoor program set to start in Altona in the Park on September 20! You MUST register for this program!

And we will once again be offering our Bi-Weekly take home kits as well as the monthly PUBB kits. Again watch social media and our google calendar on our website for release dates!

We greatly appreciate the feedback we received from our families via the survey that went out a little while ago. If you have any other questions or comments, please send us an email so we can plan according to what is wanted in our communities.

We look forward to seeing you in the fall...have a terrific summer!

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