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Winter Family Gym Take Home Kit

We are so very excited to once again be able to provide a take home Family Gym package. This package contains indoor and outdoor activity ideas for you to complete as a family.

We all need to get outside in the winter… there’s so many fun things to do in the snow! It can be hard enough sometimes to motive ourselves and our kids out the door. But add freezing temperatures and the time it takes to don snow gear into that mix and sometimes that’s enough to make even the most outdoorsy of us second guess our plans.

On the days when it is just too cold or there is a blizzard, we have provided some unique, clever and "don’t take much set up" activities to keep you busy while cozy warm inside. Please note that balloons are included in this kit. While they can provide endless entertainment for your children, they also can pose a choking risk as balloons mold to the throat and lungs and can completely block breathing. Because of the danger of suffocation, we recommend that parents and guardians supervise their children while playing with balloons. If one should break, be sure to clean up all the pieces.

Since there are limited quantities, you MUST send an email to reserve ... you will be given directions on pick up dates in a confirmation email.

And once again we ask that you send us pictures! We LOVE seeing how you are using the supplies in the kit!

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