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February is I LOVE TO READ month!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Reading is an important activity that is done everyday (in a variety of ways - books, newspaper, phone, recipes, etc) and in February we like to celebrate! Each year we usually host in person literacy events, however the last few years we have been unable to celebrate with in person pajama parties. This year we have designed a new way to be aware of the many ways to read and give suggestions on how to increase your daily reading. And we are offering prizes for those who take part - BOOKS! We are going to play BINGO! Feel free to print the BINGO card, and once you complete a BINGO (A BINGO is valid if you have done all items to complete a single line. Our logo in the center is a free space for you.) Once you have a BINGO, send us a picture of your card and we will make arrangements for you to pop by and pick up your prize! Each child can have their own BINGO card so a family can win multiple times (maximum of 3 wins per family). We would LOVE to see how you complete the ways to read on the BINGO card. Mostly Nina just loves to see your lovely families, sometimes we like to post on our social media as well, however Nina will ask before anything is posted! Happy Reading!

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